Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bold New MLK Hospital, Bold New Public Art

"Pieces Together" by Lawrence Argent
MLK Hospital main entrance
Two recent sculptures at the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Hospital pay tribute to themes of diversity and unity reflected by the surrounding Willowbrook neighbor-hood.  The hospital's public art centerpiece is Lawrence Argent's 20-foot high 110-ton granite puzzle piece at the main entrance, inspired by the idea that "each part of the whole is integral, as in a jigsaw puzzle."

"Pieces Together"   shows facial images from the Willowbrook community, with a swirling spiral on the reverse as "a single breath that unites all voices into one."  These themes emerged from Argent's community outreach that utilized three-dimensional data scans of his interview participants' lips.
[more about Lawrence Argent's approach and vision]

"A Healing Home" by Dominique Moody

Outpatient Center Lobby
In contrast, Dominique Moody's sculptural
collage inside the new Outpatient Center is
more understated.  Yet the intimate charm
of each collage's framed "visual narrative"
of persons and places draws in viewers to
this showcase of tangible and compelling
community diversity.

For  "A Healing Home"  
Moody assembled nine separately titled
collages using reclaimed redwood, found
 Photo Image of 
Martin  Luther King, Jr. 
objects and materials, and archival
photographs printed on glass.
[more about Dominique Moody's approach and vision]

Other public art at and around MLK Hospital:

Martin Luther King, Jr. (photographic image)
10-foot by 6-foot transparent photographic glass panel
          Location: exterior entrance, Outpatient Center,
          1670 E. 120th Street, Willowbrook, Los Angeles

"Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Dr. Charles R. Drew"

30-foot by 10-foot bas relief sculpture
          Public Art "Rev. King, Jr. and Dr. Drew"  
          southwest building fa├žade, King Drew Magnet High School,
          1601 E. 120th Street, Willowbrook, Los Angeles

"Hide-n-Seek" by JoeSam

station art:  column-mounted painted metal cut-out figures
          Public Art "Hide-n-Seek"  
          mounted on freeway support pillars,
          11611 Willowbrook Ave., Los Angeles

"Pathways to Freedom" by Michael Massenburg and Rachel Strayhorn

station art:  5 concrete and ceramic tile benches
          Public Art "Pathways to Freedom"  
"Rev. King, Jr. and Dr. Drew"
King Drew Magnet
High School
          11611 Willowbrook Ave., Los Angeles

"Hide-n-Seek" by JoeSam

"Pathways to Freedom" by
Massenburg and Strayhorn

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