Tuesday, August 5, 2014

ART APPRECIATION MONTH L.A.: Spectacular Video from Ian Wood

HITTING THE NEWS this first week of ART APPRECIATION MONTH L.A. is Ian Wood's astonishing new "bird's-eye view" video of downtown Los Angeles and its most iconic and beautiful public art, murals, and architecture - showing the closest close-ups ever of the top of the Eastern Columbia building, many multi-story murals like "Anthony Quinn" ("The Pope of Broadway"), Broadway's famous historic theaters, and even the golden Chinatown Gateway.

Wood employs an H3-3D Gimbal with tight audio and video editing to produce a smooth and captivating tribute to L.A.'s downtown masterpieces.  Public Art in Public Places Project gives its highest recommendation for Ian Wood's new 4-minute video production.

Enjoy it at:  Public Art in Public Places Project:  "Downtown Los Angeles" by Ian Wood