Thursday, January 29, 2015

L.A. Cultural Affairs Restores "Florence Nightingale" Statue in Lincoln Park

"Florence Nightingale" (1937)
by David P. Edstrom,
restored 2014

After much hand-wringing last year over the statue's decades-long damage, and after declining an offer from a nursing school to remove and adopt it, L.A.'s Department of Cultural Affairs and Department of Recreation and Parks recently unveiled the restored 1937 cast stone sculpture by David P. Edstrom.

Edstrom's sculpture remained damaged for decades -  both hands and the lamp they carried had been broken off, exposing their mounting rods in the arms and torso.  A set of replacement hands were attached at one time, but the effort produced an almost comical effect.   

Restored by Rosa Lowinger & Associates, the "Florence Nightingale" sculpture now correctly shows one hand holding the lamp and the other shielding its flame.  The area surrounding the sculpture's base and 2-foot foundation has also been landscaped with white roses.