Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Garten's "Heart of Compassion" Chandelier Adds Evening Glitz to Wilshire

Winter evenings on Wilshire Blvd. and Vermont Ave. are enlivened this winter by Cliff Garten's cool-as-ice chandelier and lighted screen sculpture.
"Los Angeles Opens Its Heart of Compassion" (2014)
by Cliff Garten
aluminum and white lighting sculpture;
45 x 70-foot sculptural light screen

As the public art focal point of The Vermont apartments, Garten's "Los Angeles Opens Its Heart of Compassion" sculpture presents a splashy contrast to April Greiman's charmingly subtle "Hand Holding a Bowl of Rice" on the Vermont/Wilshire Metro Station across the street (see both on the sculpture's YouTube installation video).
"Hand Holding a Bowl of Rice" (2007)