Wednesday, December 31, 2014




Public Art in Public Places reviews 2014's 16 sculptures, murals, and transit station art installed across Southern California.  From Thousand Oaks to San Diego, cities and communities have amazing new public art to enjoy.

    A sample...

  • Herb Alpert's bronze totem sculpture "Freedom" in Malibu
  • Terry Thornsley's "Grace" at Laguna Beach's new lifeguard headquarters
  • "Freedom" by Herb Alpert
  • Robin Golden's tribute mural for the "Elsinore Grand Prix"

"Grace" by Terry Thornsley
"Elsinore Grand Prix Tribute Mural" by Robin Golden
See details on all 16 public artworks at:

          Google Cultural Institute OPEN GALLERY Exhibit

Friday, November 14, 2014

Yarn-O-Polis Yarn Bombers "Dress" Grand Central Market

Photo Credit: NBCLA 4 
Hundreds of Yarn Bombing Los Angeles folks, L.A.'s own yarn bombers, have brought Yarn-O-Polis color and whimsy to Grand Central Market for the holidays.

Never has a Los Angeles locale been so charmingly "bombed," and their location target shows both artistic savvy and civic-mindedness. Yarn-O-Polis focused its talents on the modern-day Greek agora of Grand Central Market for their whimsical public art gesture to be enjoyed by all.  The public art installation began yesterday and continues throughout the holiday season to mid-January 2014.  
Photo Credit: NBCLA 4

Location:  Grand Central Market,
317 S. Broadway,
Downtown Los Angeles
Open until 9 p.m. Thurs.-Sat.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Anthony Quinn 'Tired'? He's Dancing!

"The Pope of Broadway" has a new reason to dance - the 4-story mural depicting Anthony Quinn in his famous "Zorba the Greek" role, mid-step, is now even livelier.

Restoration has just been completed for Eloy Torrez's 70-foot high mural on the south side of the Victor Clothing Co. building facing Third Street.  Affectionately named "The Pope of Broadway," efforts to refurbish the mural began in early 2015 by the Mural Conservancy and Councilman Jose Huizar.  Funded by a Bringing Back Broadway mural restoration grant of $150,000 from Greenland USA, the restoration repaired surface cracks and paint failure.

The restoration renews Anthony Quinn's rich legacy for Los Angeles, image,
and he's DANCING!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"Keep It Clean, Malibu" Warns Against Urban Runoff

Detail of "Keep It Clean, Malibu"
at Trancas Canyon Park
One of the most unique public art efforts this year in Malibu serves as an urban runoff public awareness message. Malibu engaged talented mural artist Lindsay Carron to paint four pavement murals at different storm drain locations to raise awareness of the dangers of urban runoff along their coastal "Area of Special Biological Significance."

Malibu's newest park, Trancas Canyon Park, hosts the first of these colorful murals, collectively titled "Keep It Clean, Malibu."  Malibu engaged its Cultural Arts Commission to develop this artistic approach to the education and outreach program funded by a 2 1/2 year state grant.

Public reviews and photos of the "Keep It Clean, Malibu" project can be posted on Google Maps:  Public Art "Keep It Clean, Malibu".

Mural locations:
"Keep It Clean, Malibu" - Trancas Canyon Park, 6050 Trancas Canyon Road, Malibu
     Google Maps location
"Keep It Clean, Malibu" - Morning View Drive and Phillip Avenue, Malibu
"Keep It Clean, Malibu" - Heathercliff Road, Malibu
"Keep It Clean, Malibu" - Cross Creek Road at Malibu Country Mart, Malibu


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Latest Public Art on Google Maps: Carlsbad's "Caballeros Gate"

New today on Google Maps is Carlsbad's sculptural gate "Caballeros Gate" by Paul Hobson, marking the entrance to the Carlsbad Sculpture Garden.

View sculpture details:  "Caballeros Gate" (2003) by Paul Hobson

Post a public review on Google Maps:  Public Art "Caballeros Gate"


Latest Public Art on Google Maps: Carlsbad's "Contemplation"

Public Art in Public Places ProjectNew today on Google Maps is the Carlsbad sculpture "Contemplation" by T. J. Dixon at the Cole Library Garden.

View sculpture details:  "Contemplation" (2001) by T. J. Dixon,

Post a public review on Google Maps:  Public Art "Contemplation".  


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

ART APPRECIATION MONTH L.A.: Spectacular Video from Ian Wood

HITTING THE NEWS this first week of ART APPRECIATION MONTH L.A. is Ian Wood's astonishing new "bird's-eye view" video of downtown Los Angeles and its most iconic and beautiful public art, murals, and architecture - showing the closest close-ups ever of the top of the Eastern Columbia building, many multi-story murals like "Anthony Quinn" ("The Pope of Broadway"), Broadway's famous historic theaters, and even the golden Chinatown Gateway.

Wood employs an H3-3D Gimbal with tight audio and video editing to produce a smooth and captivating tribute to L.A.'s downtown masterpieces.  Public Art in Public Places Project gives its highest recommendation for Ian Wood's new 4-minute video production.

Enjoy it at:  Public Art in Public Places Project:  "Downtown Los Angeles" by Ian Wood


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"Urban Light" Will Always Fascinate

ART APPRECIATION MONTH begins in LOS ANGELES with a visit to "Urban Light."

For 6 years the most iconic and phenomenally successful public artwork in L.A. continues to be Chris Burden's 2008 "Urban Light" assemblage sculpture at the Wilshire Blvd. entrance to LACMA.

"Apple Maps Flattens
Public Sculpture",
The fascination of wandering among its lighted lampposts and succumbing to the sculpture's mesmerizing sense of enclosure is so popularly enjoyed, especially at dusk-to-dark light shifts, that Angelinos and tourists are never absent, not to mention film crews, skateboarders, and friendly LACMA staff.

"Urban Light" has been featured in movies ("No Strings Attached"), commercials, music videos, and the fashion shot by Vanity Fair of the male cast of "Glee" singing in... yes, the rain.  But its iconic status went global when it became the most vivid and amusing example of Apple Maps' satellite view glitch of early 2013 (shown at right).

"Urban Light" FAQs 

from Public Art in Public Places Project staff:

When do the lights turn on?/How late do the lights stay on?
We get this Q all the time:  The lights are solar-powered and come on at dusk and turn off at dawn, so pub-crawlers looking for very late night amusement shouldn't be disappointed.

How many lampposts are there?
The official report is that there are 202 vintage street light standards in Burden's piece.  Some reports, however, put it at only 200.

Is there parking nearby?
Street parking on Wilshire Blvd. and surrounding streets is available, but parking directly in front of LACMA's plaza area is restricted.  There are also 2 LACMA parking lots (6th St. east of Fairfax, and at the corner of Wilshire Blvd. and Spaulding); $12, free after 7p.m.

Can I take photos?
Photos can be freely taken of any public art.  Photos of "Urban Light" can be publicly shared on Google Maps: Public Art "Urban Light".  

Can I write a public review of "Urban Light"?
Google Maps hosts public reviews, and you can submit your own and see previous reviews:  Google Maps: Public Art "Urban Light".  

[Search Google Maps for "Public Art" to enjoy nearby public artworks, like "Levitated Mass."


Monday, July 28, 2014

Indio's "Local Gradient" Installed in Water Authority Lobby

(photo credit:  Crystal Chatham,
 The Desert Sun)
The latest enhancement to Indio's collection of large history-themed murals and public sculptures is its first interior public artwork, an assemblage sculpture installed on Thursday in the lobby of its Corporate Yard/Water Authority building.

The large-scale wall-mounted piece, "Local Gradient" by Phillip K. Smith, III, of The Art Office, is an array of 900 felt and acoustic board panels mounted on lobby walls and ceiling.  Artist Phillip K. Smith, III chose colors reminiscent of the Indio desert landscape.  The Art Office, based in Indio, is a multi-disciplinary studio for art, architecture and design.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Public Art of the Month: "The Cardiff Kook"


"Magic Carpet Ride" (2007)
by Matthew Antichevich
For your second or third beach trip this summer, head down the coast to a different spot and for SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT -- "The Cardiff Kook."

Lovely Cardiff, 1 1/2 hrs. from L.A. down the I-5, is that charming beach and surfing spot at Encinitas unlike any in L.A.  There you can't help but visit its local denizen "The Cardiff Kook" on PCH at the entrance to San Elijo State Beach.  And very likely, "The Cardiff Kook" will be adorned with some funky duds or otherwise "messed with" by locals who have adopted him as a kind of community mascot.

The bronze sculpture of a novice surfer about to flip off his board isn't all that old - installed in 2007 and created by local artist and surfer Matthew Antichevich, its official name is "Magic Carpet Ride."  Making fun of the surfer's stance, Cardiff locals dubbed it "The Cardiff Kook" - a popular name for a beginner surfer - and the name has stuck.

If you're impressed, share your review of the sculpture on Google Maps "The Cardiff Kook"

If you're impressed and you're a surfer, you can also check out local conditions at Surfline's Cardiff report.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Surfing Culture and Public Art: New Open Gallery Exhibit

Surfing Culture in Public Art

New Open Gallery Exhibit from Public Art in Public Places Project

Southern California and Hawaii lead the nation, and perhaps even the world, in surfing-themed public art - vibrant murals and dynamic sculptures that celebrate America's love affair with surf and sea.

Surfing history, lifestyle and lore are represented in an exhibit of public artworks published by Google Cultural Institute's Open Gallery.  "Surfing Culture in Public Art." 
"Surfer on a Wave" (2003) by Robert Pashby

Public Art in Public Places Project
Southern California and Hawaii