Thursday, July 17, 2014

Public Art of the Month: "The Cardiff Kook"


"Magic Carpet Ride" (2007)
by Matthew Antichevich
For your second or third beach trip this summer, head down the coast to a different spot and for SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT -- "The Cardiff Kook."

Lovely Cardiff, 1 1/2 hrs. from L.A. down the I-5, is that charming beach and surfing spot at Encinitas unlike any in L.A.  There you can't help but visit its local denizen "The Cardiff Kook" on PCH at the entrance to San Elijo State Beach.  And very likely, "The Cardiff Kook" will be adorned with some funky duds or otherwise "messed with" by locals who have adopted him as a kind of community mascot.

The bronze sculpture of a novice surfer about to flip off his board isn't all that old - installed in 2007 and created by local artist and surfer Matthew Antichevich, its official name is "Magic Carpet Ride."  Making fun of the surfer's stance, Cardiff locals dubbed it "The Cardiff Kook" - a popular name for a beginner surfer - and the name has stuck.

If you're impressed, share your review of the sculpture on Google Maps "The Cardiff Kook"

If you're impressed and you're a surfer, you can also check out local conditions at Surfline's Cardiff report.