Friday, January 22, 2016

Valentine's Day Date With Public Art

"Heroic Rendezvous" at Heisler Park

Public Art for Lovers - Valentine's Day this year gives lovers a weekend visit to the most romantic public art across L.A. and Southern California. 

Artworks of friendship, love and passion are on show in many downtown plazas, parks and gardens, and we highlight some of best for Valentine's Day in Culver City, Laguna Beach, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach and Cerritos. A visit to these famous collections of sculptures, murals, and fountains - from the abstract to the whimsical -  promises amazement and delight, and maybe even a bit of love.

Evening magic of "Urban Light"
by Chris Burden
open and accessible 24/7
Whatever locale you visit (details below), end the day at dusk to experience the surreal changes of light at L.A.'s most popular public art spot - "Urban Light" [Google Maps] on Wilshire Blvd. in front of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Public Art for Lovers 

Culver City:  downtown, Town Plaza and City Hall
   "Lucy and Desi", [Google Maps] - downtown
   "Quotation Courtyard" [Google Maps] - City Hall Courtyard
   "The Lion's Fountain" [Google Maps] - Town Plaza
"Grace" (2014) by Terry Thornsley

Laguna Beach:  Heisler Park Sculpture Garden and Main Beach
   "Heroic Rendezvous" [Google Maps]
   "Support" [Google Maps]
   "Grace" [Google Maps]

Beverly Hills:  downtown and Beverly Gardens Park
   "Gordon and Lily" [Google Maps]
   "Hymn of Life: Tulips" [Google Maps]
   "Electric Fountain" [Google Maps]

"Good Friends - Nakayoshi" (1984)
by Eiichi Ishida

Newport Beach:  Central Library, Civic Center Park and Corporate Plaza
   "Good Friends - Nakayoshi" [Google Maps]
   "The Journey" [Google Maps]

Cerritos:  Senior Center, Sculpture Garden and Civic Center
   "Serenade" [Google Maps]
   "Illuminations" [Google Maps]
   Cerritos Sculpture Garden [Google Maps]